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givemeservice.com supports and salutes small business owners!

It is our firm belief that small business owners are the backbone of America. It is by their hard work, entrepreneurial spirit & and passion for what they love that our country remains strong. As the largest employer in America, the small business owner never quits or asks for guarantees. Small business owners simply get up every day and get to work! They should be applauded and honored. All they ask is the freedom to pursue their vision, their goals, and their happiness. We want to help make that pursuit easier and more enjoyable. We are here to support you!

Our mission is simple: We want to help small business owners grow their businesses by creating Internet marketing projects that become lead generating assets year after year.

Our Slogan: “All we want is for your business to grow!” Together we both get stronger because your success is literally our success.

Message From Marvin Ellis, President

We accomplish these goals by customizing online marketing strategies and solid business techniques to reach stated goals and objectives. We want our clients to be able to focus on their business more and their marketing less. If you own a small business and would like to see it grow year after year, you may be a good fit for GMS.

We have dozens of testimonials both online and on our website and have helped hundreds of business owners over the years achieve their goals. Our relationships with our clients are precious and many of our clients have been with us for over a decade. We are emotionally attached to our clients results. Whether you are a small “mom and pop” business or have multiple locations and growing fast, we can help make your journey to success easier.




Marvin Ellis, President

Marvin Ellis, the 2nd of 4 children was raised in Seattle, Washington in the inner city with few opportunities. However, with the guidance of a strong mom and the ability to score touchdowns, Marvin went to school on a football scholarship where he studied computer information systems. Never one to give up, being injured on the football field didn’t stop him as he joined the Navy to serve his country during the first Gulf War in 1990. The war was over so fast, that by the time he finished his training, it was over. However, the experience of working with others from around the U.S.A for a common mission and the incredible detail and sacrifice required for life saving preparation changed his outlook on life and and his appreciation for liberty forever. Upon leaving the Navy due to a medical discharge, he was quickly recruited by EDS and was trained in material management systems and operations. He supported Mexican operations and an even greater appreciation and love for all the opportunity America provides grew deep inside.

At the early age of 30, EDS and General Motors began shutting down plants in California and Marvin got a job as a logistics manager in Milipitas, California. After 2 years of excellence, he was quickly promoted to regional manager for a position on the east coast and moved his family to Freehold, New Jersey. It was this new position and all its promise that changed Marvin’s path forever. This new position only lasted 6 months for him. After hiring and training 50 employees, the company downsized and Marvin was laid off. 3000 miles away from his family, Marvin decided he would never work for someone else ever again.

It was the greatest thing that ever happened to him as in 1999 he founded givemeservice.com and took all of his past experiences and applied them to small business owners and began providing solutions that would drive down their costs and increase their revenue. Whether it be through business networking with his other company (www.gmsbusinessnetwork.com) or through creating comprehensive Internet Marketing Solutions that create thousands of leads per year, Marvin simply loves working with small business owners every day. It has become his passion.

“Small Business Ownership is one of the last outposts of freedom in this country. If you can provide for your employees and loved ones year after year by enjoying what you do for a living… you are free! There is nothing better than watching a business grow year after year and helping fellow hard working entreprenuers achieve their goals by doing what they love.”

Marvin Ellis, President


Irina LaMoriello, Partner, SEO Specialist

Irina LaMoriello, born and raised in Uzbekistan till the age of 15, and moved to the USA in 1997. She went through lots of changes to say the least, but she has led an amazing life and overcome many challenges! She loved math since a very early age, and went to school majoring in Accounting and Economics, but of course, like most people, she didn’t end up working in that field at all and joined the GMS team in 2004 as a Sales Manager.

As the years went on, both the company and Irina dove deep into understanding Google and all the aspects of Search Engine Optimization so that GMS could better serve their clients and keep the rates of doing so at a reasonable level. Irina spent many months taking courses online, and learning all there is to know about Local SEO, to make sure that we can provide the best services and solutions to customers. The changes are constant and the learning never ends, but Irina finally found something she is truly passionate about. She trained and became an SEO Specialist in 2011 and became a GMS Partner in 2013. We are very proud of her growth and her abilities.

She believes in small businesses and loves to help them grow and succeed which makes her a perfect fit for GMS. Irina is married to an amazing man since 2007 and the mother of 2 girls, 1 boy and is a huge part of what we do at GMS.

Ketan Bhavan, Partner

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