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Analysis & Reporting

If you don’t track it, you can’t manage it!

As business owners, we need to continuously improve. Year after year, we should be thinking creatively and innovate so that we can adjust and respond quickly to our customers’ demands and stay ahead of competitors. When it comes to Internet Marketing, it is mission critical to measure your results, analyze those measurements, and then make adjustments to continuously improve those results as well.

At GMS, we have created a 100 point matrix that measures and evaluates all critical factors needed for an outstanding Internet Marketing Strategy. There are 25 key point indicators (KPI) we track that are critical to achieving your main marketing objective, increased lead generation. These 25 KPI’s can be divided in to 5 Key strategic areas.

Analysis & Reporting Services NJ & Colorado

Our Analysis & Reporting Services Include:

Local & SEO Management

How well is your SEO set up for both local and organic results. Offsite and Onsite SEO maintenance are important to ranking high and increasing targeted traffic. How many key words and phrases are being used to find your business and evaluation of those key words to make sure they are traffic increasing terms. Ongoing citation building (increasing online business listings & directories) and at what rate. Where there are areas for improvement, we let the customer know. Social Media optimized properly and correctly integrated can give your SEO a boost and builds trust and credibility.

Content Management

This includes improving page and word counts, relative SEO driven content, ongoing learning centers, blogging, FAQ and content updating frequency. Ongoing blogs used as Learning Centers are excellent for achieving logs of content management objectives for example.

Review Management

This includes testimonials both onsite and offsite and strategies in place for increasing the quantities of these reviews. Addressing poor reviews to maintain a solid reputation of quality and responsiveness. Video Testimonials are huge online and create high trust and assist in increasing rankings with an optimized YouTube channel.

Visitor Behavioral Patterns

Traffic assessment using Google analytics, Call Tracking, & Rank Tracking programs delivers a wealth of information that allows us to make calculated decisions. These programs give us insight into critical metrics including overall traffic, Search Engines Used, key words used, most frequently visited pages, referring websites, bounce rates, visitor patterns and most importantly… LEADS! that give valuable insight to improve existing results.

Site Maintenance

Website projects are not static. Results are not static. Your competitors are not static. Your website has got to be updated frequently or else results will eventually fade. Specials, Testimonials, Upcoming events, & gallery updates are all important to keeping your site fresh and in googles eyes “maintained”. Make sure your site has a strategy in place so it does not stay static.

We Will Be Part Of Your
Business Growth!

Lastly, your website project involves your investment and trust in GMS. You are investing your hard earned dollars and it is an honor to be a part of your businesses growth. We are emotionally attached to your results and feel you deserve to see how that investment is paying off. We want our clients not only involved when they decide to hand us their project, but have a true understanding of what work is being done and how those efforts are increasing their bottom line.

We want to keep you informed every step of the way and reporting and review consultations are provided in person upon request. Your involvement is very important to improving results month after month and year after year!