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Case Studies

Real Case Studies of Existing Internet Marketing Projects

Below are some of our Internet Marketing projects and their traffic growth and results. We love witnessing what we call “The Journey” and helping small businesses grow. SEO is a critical part of this growth but not the only factor. Content, maintenance, high speed hosting, social media integration, and proper coding, and other elements working together is what creates a continuous improvement trajectory that is ongoing and exciting. After reviewing these case studies below and decide you are interested in getting your business on the same positive trajectory to success, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us today!

Project: RangeCraft Inc. |

RangeCraft Inc. is a national manufacturing company of kitchen range hoods located in northern New Jersey.

Owners, Ramona Panus and son David Podwyszynski

Starting Point with GMS

RangeCraft Inc. was referred to us by an existing client, Signature Kitchens Inc. They had an existing site, but the results were not where they wanted and the site was also outdated and not on a secure platform. Mother & Son team and Owners, Ramona and David were seeking increased visibility beyond the state of NJ and wanted to see increased sales through the website.

GMS Comments:

This is one of our most enjoyable projects as the owners are awesome to work with and understand the importance of internet marketing as a revenue driver. After about 4-5 months of consistently adding content and integrating their social media, optimizing videos, and structuring their site for conversions, their visibility and traffic grew month after month after month. As the traffic grew, other internal issues had to be addressed to manage the increased calls, and soon, new goals and milestones were obtained. Analysis tools like call tracking, rank tracking, and now Lead management are enabling constant improvement and customer service levels. Even in the midst of Covid, this facility flourished. The team is dedicated and a pleasure to work with. Looking forward to many more years to come.

Site Launch Date: June, 2019 – Present

Before GMS Results:

Traffic: 250 visitors per month
Phone calls: Were Not trackable
Feedback Forms: Approx 5 per month

Current Results:

Traffic: Approx 14,000 visitors per month
Phone Calls: 200+ per month
Feedback Forms: Approx 50 per month.

SEO Value Created:

Google Ad Word Equivalency:
Approx $13,000 per month Organic traffic.

Project: Signature Kitchen. |

RangeCraft Inc. is a national manufacturing company of kitchen range hoods located in northern New Jersey.

Owners, Anthony, Jessica, Joe and Tony Dello Buono

Starting Point with GMS:

Signature Kitchens Inc. came to us in 2016 wanting increased results from internet marketing and a website with limited visibility and average results.

GMS Comments:

This family owned business is dedicated to excellence that provides complete construction, design, and installation services. This 3rd generation business has been a dream to work with and every year their results have improved. Owner, Tony Dello Buono, said to us at our original meeting, “If we get just 1 new custom kitchen installation job per year, this change will be worth it”. Needless to say, we have exceeded that low bar as you can see by the results and graph below.

Site Launch Date: April, 2016 – Present

Before GMS Results:

Traffic: Less than 50 visitors per month
Phone calls: Were Not trackable
Feedback Forms: zero

Current Results:

Traffic: 4500+ visitors per month
Phone Calls: 40+ per month
Feedback Forms: Approx 15 per month

SEO Value Created:

Google Ad Word Equivalency:
$4,500 per month Organic traffic.

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