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Web Design & Hosting

Web Design for ANY Business ANYWHERE!

Our web designs are not just an attempt to put a “pretty face” on your online presence. Yes, our designs are attractive, but our primary focus is to make sure they are built specifically to make a high percentage of visitors to your website become an actual lead. Leads, not visitors, become customers and are what make your business grow. When a visitor actually becomes a lead, it is considered a “conversion”. If a website has thousands of visitors, but can’t “convert those” visitors to leads, a business will miss out on many revenue-building opportunities. Our sites are built to convert. As your leads increase, so will your sales and revenues.

Lead generation is essential for your business growth. It should also be the mission of your website. Websites that generate revenue are assets. Websites that cost you money are liabilities. Make sure your website is an asset. Make sure that the Internet Marketing Company makes this goal #1. At GMS, we take this mission very seriously.

Beautiful web designs that convert and are user friendly!

Your website should be an asset to your business,
a tool for revenue growth and success.

Not a cost. Not a liability. An asset. Period.

Two keys to a successful web design project:

The website has to be designed and coded properly so that Google and other search engines will rank it high and target customers that are looking for your service or product.

The website has to be laid out properly to maximize the conversion percentage of visitors to your website into leads.

Month after month and year after year we want these leads to increase. The President of wrote an article on lead generation strategies and we meticulously continue to look for ways to increase the effectiveness of our client’s websites and therefore their revenue growth. The more leads our clients to receive, the happier they are with our services and the stronger our relationship becomes. Our goals are aligned creating a win-win relationship.

Mobile Friendly Websites

In the same fashion that our websites are built for lead generation, so are our mobile-friendly websites and they are included with every Internet Marketing Project.

Over 50% of searches done on the web are done on mobile devices. This includes your customers. It is absolutely critical that your business website is mobile-friendly and is very easy for the visitor to connect with you. We do not simply shrink your existing site down and squeeze all your information down to an annoying level.

Our custom mobile sites do not scroll from left to right (which is very difficult on mobile phones) and encourage visitors to call you or click for directions to your location (if applicable). Buttons and text need to be large and easy to see. Contact information is obvious and easy to locate. Of course, the mobile site, even though it won’t have the exact design of the desktop version, should be attractive and simple to navigate.

Changes to your site are automatically reflected on your mobile-friendly website so that updates are real-time for optimal results.

Website Hosting

There are millions of web hosting companies. They are NOT all alike. At GMS you will be one of a few hundred, not one of a few million. We know our clients by name and they are gold to us. Want to be treated correctly? You have come to the right place. With every account, you will receive:

  • A thank you for your business!
  • No annoying ads, pop-ups, or banners.
  • Fast! reliable, secure, and affordable service.
  • No worries, no hassles, no problems!
  • SPAM filtering capability for every account.
  • Antivirus INCLUDED on every account.
  • FREE technical support, email setup.
  • 1 Year added to your domain name expiration date with every new account transfer.
  • Discounts on any of our other services including any of our web design, print, and marketing products.

GMS provides full-service web hosting and domain management services. We would be happy to serve you! We understand that your website is critical. Contact Us anytime. Questions? Call us! We are here to help.

The state of New Jersey is very special to us as it is where we got our start. The 18 Counties in New Jersey that we provide web design services to are the following:

Atlantic County, NJ – Founded in 1837

Bergen County, NJ – Founded in 1683

Burlington County, NJ – Founded in 1694

Camden County, NJ – Founded in 1844

Cape May County, NJ – Founded in 1692

Cumberland County, NJ – Founded in 1748

Essex County, NJ – Founded in 1683

Gloucester County, NJ – Founded in 1686

Hudson County, NJ – Founded in 1840

Hunterdon County, NJ – Founded in 1714

Mercer County, NJ – Founded in 1838

Middlesex County, NJ – Founded in 1683

Monmouth County, NJ – Founded in 1683

Morris County, NJ – Founded in 1739

Ocean County, NJ – Founded in 1850

Passaic County, NJ – Founded in 1837

Salem County, NJ – Founded in 1694

Somerset County, NJ – Founded in 1688

Sussex County, NJ – Founded in 1753

Union County, NJ – Founded in 1857

Warren County, NJ – Founded in 1824