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Our Clients

Long-Term Relationships and Growth

Our clients are extremely special to us. Over time, they become friends and an intricate part of who we are because we are emotionally attached to their results. 

Many of our relationships span over a decade and we are very proud of this fact. We are not here for the “quick hit”, but rather we are here for the “long-term” relationship and growth. This is because we don’t just create websites for our clients and walk away. No, the website is just the beginning.

Your Internet Marketing Strategy is an ongoing process with multiple ever-changing strategies and dynamics that year after year will need to be managed, analyzed, and improved. This will ensure that your online presence never grows stale and is always working for you.

Kiody Kratom team came to visit us in Woodland Park, CO

Over 20 Years Of Experience

Since 1999, our business has grown only because our clients have obtained excellent results. A website that does not generate new business is a liability. The goal of every project is to turn yours into an asset. With GMS, you get a dedicated team focused on your business. Our team will dig deep to know your products and services, your personnel and your objectives. We will match your business with the targets it is searching for and more importantly, the customers that are searching for your business.


We have emotionally attached to our client’s results. Whether you are a small “mom and pop” business or have multiple locations and growing fast, we can help make your journey to success

-Marvin Ellis, President

Be The Next One!

Let us show you our process, answer your questions, and give you the tools you need to succeed online. Don’t settle for an “online brochure”, but rather create a Lead Generating Machine for your business that will not just look good, it will perform good. Turn your website into an asset with a no obligation strategy session today!