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Medellin, Colombia

GMS GOES INTERNATIONAL! South America is open for business!

GMS SAS team in 2021

In 2017, Marvin Ellis, Owner/Founder, took a 2 week vacation trip to meet with one of his business consultants in Medellin, Colombia.

During that trip, a strong bond was formed with a local hard working technological manager named Yhon Rivera. Yhon expressed the frustration that many Colombians feel which is low wages, long hours, even with extremely talented individuals.

While the Internet, Google, and Cell phone usage is alive and well in Colombia, Internet Marketing, SEO, and proper application of online marketing strategies and websites for most Colombian business owners is well behind the curve of their North American neighbors.

After discussing GMS America with Yhon, a clear need for services for business owners in Medellin is apparent. Yhon and Marvin, quickly developed a strategy to work together, created a small team of 3 and was born. Now, in less than 5 years, GMS has a team of 8 in Colombia and in fact, it is more like a family and even in the face of Covid and government shutdowns in the U.S. and in Colombia, we grew. With over 30 accounts and growing, GMS SAS is on its way to becoming a major player in Colombia and beyond.

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Medellin, Colombia
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Our GMS SAS Team in 2020

Our accounts supported by GMS SAS are not limited to Medellin as we have accounts in Bogota, Cartegena, Florida, Texas, and even in Canada. We are so proud of our Colombian team and lives are changing not only within GMS but with our clients as well. Some of our clients’ businesses have doubled and tripled in size due to the Internet Marketing services we have provided and we couldn’t be happier. All We Want Is For Your Business To Grow in Colombia, in the United States, and anywhere else in the world the Internet is accessible!

Laureles Headquarters, Medellin Colombia

Poblado Headquarters, Medellin Colombia