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FREE Website Consultation and Evaluation

At GMS, We Love Business Owners.

We learn from them as much as they learn from us. Knowledge is powerful. At GMS we believe in sharing information. We also believe in giving to receive. Our best clients are informed and understand what we are doing for them and why. Clients that have a solid understanding of the objectives and strategies are great because they become energized and excited to participate in the process and enjoy the results.

When you schedule a website consultation with GMS, you are not going TO get a high-pressure “sales pitch”. What you are going to receive is valuable Internet Marketing facts and strategies that work and tangible examples of those same strategies working. Whether or not you proceed with giving GMS your project the day of your consult is not important. What is important is that you walk away with valuable information so that you can make an educated decision whether now or in the future.

ALL of our website consults are conducted 1 on 1 directly with the owner of GMS, Marvin Ellis.

Looking for a Web Consultation?

Customized Solutions for your specific business

While many Internet Marketing strategies work across different business models, no two businesses are the same. Certain strategies must be tweaked and adjusted to maximize results. During your free website consultation, we will discuss the unique needs of your industry and customers. We will take a look at your specific high-profit services and how best to target those and put them front and center. If you currently have an existing website, we will evaluate it and tell you with detailed specifics why it may not be performing up to your expectations. Removing the confusion and the guesswork of performance issues is essential. Before pouring resources into a potential solution, it is vital to take a step back and analyze the current situation. Once your business goals and objectives are understood and your current situation is analyzed, we can then begin the process of prescribing a customized solution that will get your phone ringing and your inbox full of leads to build your business.

Targeted Search Volumes and Customer Acquisition

One of the biggest variances from business to business is the different search volumes and targets for each industry and each business. The broad search volumes may be known, but broad search volumes usually do not convert as well as targeted search volumes and long-tail keyword and phrase searches. We want to get into the details of your industry, region, and business model so that we can target actual customers that have the highest interest and are the most likely to contact you. This can not be emphasized enough. What if your specific service lacks search volume? What other ways can we create traffic from customers your business wants to reach?

Start-ups and New Businesses

The American Dream is alive and well. Hard work, dedication, skill, and passion for what you do are the key ingredients to success. However, while all of that is critical to success, you still need to get your name and number in front of potential customers who desire the services and products you are offering. In other words, you need exposure and visibility. We have worked with lots of business owners that don’t have anything online and want to get started but don’t know what direction to get started in. Don’t waste time and money trying to figure out the Internet on your own. That can be very costly and painful. Burning through your hard-earned cash is not a good way to get your company off the ground. New businesses have to deploy different strategies because obtaining cash flow as soon as possible is often critical. With very few customers and lots of competition, we need to deploy highly efficient strategies that will get customer’s calling. Depending on cash on hand, this can be the difference between a successful business and a business closing its doors. In addition, startups usually need business cards, logo design, a well-thought-out domain name, and more. We do everything in-house so everything gets done quickly, professionally, and without “guessing”.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the Internet is the small business owner’s best friend. Everyone gets a fair shot and with a little creativity, dedication, and guidance, almost every business owner will benefit from a solid web presence and proven Internet Marketing Strategies. Our free website consultations are your time to increase your understanding of what needs to take place for you to succeed. If you decide to trust your project to us, great! But if you decide to think about it or even go with another web design firm, that is ok as well. Use as a resource instead. Gain the information needed to give your business every opportunity to succeed. Maybe down the road you will return and work with us, or possibly refer us to another business that you think we could help. Just know that we are here to help and support the small business community.

What To Expect At Your Consultation

If you have a site already, expect to have it fully evaluated, current volumes assessed as well as your online footprint and reputation analyzed. We will then show you where the opportunities for growth are as well as current strengths. Remember, how a site “looks” does not have much to do with how it “performs”. This is hard to believe but it is very true. How a site performs is also much more important to your bottom line. Start-up businesses will get pointed in the right direction for their industry, and a blank sheet of paper will soon be covered with ideas and strategies to meet your objectives and goals. Everything from domain name registration to PPC will be discussed. A complete layout of our online strategy will be shown to you in a way that will have you understanding Internet Marketing more than 90% of the web designers I know. Remember, this is Internet Marketing, not just Web Design! There is a big difference!


Simply request a Website Consultation and we will be in touch shortly! Thank you in advance for the opportunity to assist you.