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SEO Edison, NJ

SEO Services for business in Edison, NJ

If you want effective digital marketing, you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s essential and if it’s completed correctly, it is a thorough marketing strategy that has many aspects all working together to create success for businesses.

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At we provide our customers with the right SEO to increase your search engine rankings in the right market. We want to help your brand grow and we know exactly what you need to do so – and it’s all about Google. Google accounts for 75% of all online searches, so it’s crucial that your website is picked up – more clicks, views and targeted traffic means you get more customers.

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Google wants your website to be a source of information, providing quality content that is useful. Google analytics pays attention to the written and visual content on your site, which makes sure your website doesn’t rank higher simply because of backlinks and offsite approaches. Which is all many SEO companies promise. At GMS, we know it’s the onsite and offsite SEO that matters and we work with you to ensure you are on top of both. We know SEO is truly about healthy content, correct addresses and local information, as well as keywords.

Many of our clients have come to us after experiencing failed SEO on their business. More often than not, even the most crucial elements like “Page Titles” and “H1 Tags” are missing from their website. While we do agree that backlinks and other offsite approaches are important, we also know that quality content is essential as well.

If you want to market to the right customers, you need to ensure your website content is correct – and that includes your physical address and other geographical data. Focus is on your local area and drawing local customers.

Local SEO Services for businesses in Edison, NJ

Many small businesses operate in a small area, but if your website content isn’t directed at that specific area – you could be missing out on a lot of opportunity. That’s why we use Local Search Engine Optimization. So when potential customers are looking for your service in their local area, your business pops up on the search.

To do that, you can do a few things. First and foremost is that you ensure your correct business name, address and phone numbers are on your website pages, directory listings and so on. You can also start your own local directory – Facebook is a great way to do this. Maintain your online reviews and ensure you respond to them professionally.

And add content pages that are tailored to suit your particular region. Like this page you’re reading right now for SEO services in Edison NJ. You can have any number of pages on your website that focus on local areas – and they will all help your business get picked up faster by Google and customers. It’s important that you don’t just copy and paste your pages though – or the result will be the opposite and your Google ranking will decrease. If you need help with this, we’re here.

Content Marketing Services in Edison, NJ

Great content on your website is imperative. You don’t want to have anything on there that isn’t relevant to your business, and you want to make sure your content is original and includes all your keywords. Have a minimum of 750 words for each page and update your pages regularly. Try to do a blog a month if you can or add a new web page every few weeks.

And speaking of which, its essential you update your content. Just take 30-45 minutes out of your day once a month to make sure the content on your site is accurate. That’s a good time to add that blog or web page. If you aren’t a confident writer – hire a professional (it’s what we do!).

You could also take this time out to make some videos. Original video content is easy to make and you don’t have to be a professional. Just use your mobile phone and film. Do a product launch, provide tips to people about your products or services, or simply tell people who you are and what you do. Google LOVES YouTube and using this platform will increase your ranking.

At, SEO is more than just strong backlinks. We want to help grow your website ranking, and our volumetric research and search-based exploration allows us to build your online presence and ranking. We will also increase your domain authority, and boost your conversion rates.

Edison, NJ is a township in Middlesex County, in the New York City metro area. It has a population of around 100,000 and is best known for Menlo Park, where Thomas Edison’s laboratory was located.