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Web Design Services in Atlantic County, NJ

Web Design Services for Business in Atlantic County, NJ

Web design services for small business owners is often frustrating and expensive due to vital mistakes being made upfront and approaching web design and Internet Marketing from an incorrect perspective.

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At GMS, we focus on lead generation and business growth. We want our clients to increase sales and obtain new customers through their website and this does not happen by chance. This only occurs by truly knowing what works on the web, what motivates visitors to call, and making sure your business is visible to those that are seeking your services. Confused visitors do not pick up the phone and call. They simply bounce off of your website and move on with other companies that provide the correct answers and information they are looking for. Make sure the traffic that comes to your site is motivated to call and understands what you do from the moment they land on your website. Lets get started!

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How a site looks is not always equal to how a website performs. Web design involves a lot more than simply making web pages look good. When visitors land on your site, do they call you? Do they fill out your feedback forms and inquire about your services and products? If not, why not? Do you have call to actions on your site? Do you have a truly visible logo and large phone number on your home page. Is it in the header? It is amazing how many websites dont even have the phone number on the home page? If the phone number isn’t on the home page, do you think mobile visitors will be frustrated as they try to find a way to contact you while on the road? The answer is yes they will. And as previously explained, confused and frustrated visitors do not make good customers because they will bounce! It is vital to make sure your website makes it as easy as possible to do business with you. Some web designs look good, but they are missing all the correct elements that would make the website useful to their business. There are about 30 or so of these elements and characteristics that can take an average performing website to a lead generation machine.

What are some of the elements that need to be present? Well, testimonials, photo testimonials, video testimonials, proper blogs with strategic content marketing, and a solid about us page with officers of the company visible with solid biographies is a great place to start. Awards, certifications, and visible qualifications help build trust and establish credibility. Depending on how expensive or involved your services are, the more important trust and credibility become. People want to do business with those they know and trust. When providing web design services, all of these factors and more need to be taken into consideration.

A Web Design in Atlantic County, New Jersey that is not visible is useless!

If your website is great and all the correct web design elements are in place, but your website doesn’t get any traffic, how is it going to generate business ofr you? It wont! The content of your website is important to achieve a higher online ranking. Google wants to showcase the best sites with the best content because Google is mostly concerned with the visitors experience, not your business! This experience is best achieved in Googles eyes when your website becomes a resource center with lots of original content that is updated on a regular basis. The content also needs to be original and relevant. Copying and pasting a bunch of online articles will not do you any good! If your website was built without all these elements or the correct understanding about content and its importance, you are probably not maximizing your Internet marketing potential.

Your website needs to provide important and relevant information to viewers. This is why this page ranks on Google even though my company is competing against others who are supposed to know all this stuff. Dont be fooled or waste you money on “great designs” that will never be seen. Your business cannot grow without visibility. In order to improve your site ranking, Google focuses on content, links as well as other offsite strategies. To reach more customers in your area, you will need to stand out, be visible and convert visitors into calls and feedback forms. This is why GMS has customers that have been with us for almost 2 decades. We want your business to make money with its web design, not simply look good. It is important to have a site that looks good and preforms good! To grow your business, you have to place yourself before your customers and increase visibility.

About 75% of online searches are done by using Google. Google, Bing and Yahoo account for about 90% of online traffic. You will get more business with more views and online traffic. You get more business when you get more online traffic. So spending time and energy on search engines that only represent 1% of the online traffic is not important.

Internet Marketing in Atlantic County, NJ

Many times business owners get a website built and then are confused by the poor results. Do not be confused. A website alone will not deliver the results you deserve. Correct Internet Marketing services will! At GMS we call it creating the “mosaic” to increase your online footprint. In other words, there is no silver bullet that solves everything. Proper Internet marketing is an involved comprehensive approach that involves multiple strategies, elements, and platforms so that everything you do is working together to set your project in a far superior position to your competitors. Please note that your online visibility results are also in direct correlation to how competitive your industry is for the same searches. Some industries have their act together online and some do not. Getting to the top of the heap is not always easy, especially if the heap you are trying to climb has educated and knowledgeable strategies in place.

Do not go cheap. While paying a bunch of money for services is never a guarantee for results, going it alone or cheap will usually leave you with the result you will not be happy with. Ask your current web designer what the DA of your site is or what an H1 tag is. If you get a blank stare, walk away and get someone who will not waste your time.

GMS has been building, coding, and running strategic Internet Marketing campaigns for over 15 years. We have a team of solid professionals on our team that are not only solid technicians but also are students of the web and are continually learning the latest trends, mastering the latest techniques, and updated on the latest changes. Google never stays the same for long. Their algorithyms change often and your business needs to be able to change with it. Many websites, for instance are still non-secure. This is a Google penalty imposed back in 2017. There are multiple examples of such online issues that will affect rankings and allow competitors to jump over you in rankings if not addressed.

Web design is great, but the services that support the design, (the correctly built design), are the most critical aspect of the Internet Marketing project that will make the web design result in business growth. Basically, web design is the beginning of success, but the web services ensure that success. The services that GMS delivers include but are not limited to, search engine optimization (SEO), local SEO, reputation management, review management, fast speed web hosting, tracking and analysis tools, social media integration and video optimization, content marketing and small business coaching.

Many times, what a company is managing off-site has a huge impact on what the results they are receiving on-site. Be aware that 80% of all visitors will check out your reputation before making a purchasing decision for instance. If your off-site reviews are poor, you can be sure this is having an impact on your lead generation results. Managing this is critical and not managing can have your business missing thousands, maybe tens of thousands of dollars in opportunity costs. Remember, you rarely know what you miss, only what you get. Take command and control of your web design and Internet Marketing strategy by getting it handled in a comprehensive and strategic way. No short cuts. No gimmicks. Solid strategies that work. Internet marketing done correctly is a journey, but it is a journey worth taking!

PPC Management Company in Atlantic County, NJ

Internet marketing is not a “light switch”. The results can take time and often at GMS we talk about Internet marketing as an investment in your business and a “journey”. The results will come in time if you stay the course with the correct strategies. However, pay per click or PPC, is a light switch in that traffic can be literally created over night. Also known as “Google Adwords”, these links are placed at the top of google pages for chosen key words and phrases that the business selects. This can be an incredible source for leads if managed properly. The problem is most businesses do not manage this properly and the vast majority of businesses trying to do this themselves are certainly burning through more cash then they need to.

The reason that PPC is so effective is because results are placed at the top and traffic for voluminous searches is very likely to see your links quickly. This is great as visibility is definitely a factor in lead generation. However, PPC and adwords will burn through your cash quickly if those clicks you are paying for is not converting into phone calls and feedback forms. The goal should be LEADS, not simply clicks. Geographical radius and locations need to be managed in your Google Adwords campaign or else the wrong demographic will be clicking on your links. Ouch! That can be very costly. Gender, age, time of day, and physical location are all vital PPC Management criteria to be evaluated and optimized over time as the data comes in.

Dont do this alone. Many mistakes are being made by the majority of businesses that try. Yes, you can increase traffic, but the vast majority of these clicks online are not going to highly converting pages however. They are going to very poor performing websites and thus the frustration for many opting for PPC. Landing pages built properly are crucial to PPC success. In addition, the PPC campaigns need to be optimized and managed so that the highly converting terms are the most visible, not just the “highest traffic” and often most expensive terms. An effective PPC Management company is worth their weight in gold to get this right. Reducing PPC costs by 80% while achieving superior results is not uncommon when we take over a project. The fees for managing such campaigns pales in comparison to the burning of inefficient Google Adwords campaigns. Facebook Campaigns are also an excellent “light switch” option, but only if it is managed properly. GMS manages both Google Adwords and Google PPC campaigns as well as Facebook Campaigns.

Have your Internet Marketing footprint and presence evaluated for free. We will discuss all your options and answer all your questions. We will discuss the correct approach for you and strategy to deploy. Contact Us today and turn your website into an asset that will help your business grow every month of every year. We would love to meet you and show you how!
Atlantic County is the 2nd most southern most county in New Jersey and has a population of close to 300,000 people. Out of 21 counties in NJ, it is ranked 15th in population and was founded in 1837.