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Web Design Newark, NJ

Web Design Services for Business in Newark, NJ

It is common for Internet marketing to be frustrating to small business owners due to errors. At GMS, we focus on increasing your Internet traffic, and generating more leads, so your company can become more profitable! This will not just happen by chance. In order to become a effective online, you must be found easily by customers who are looking for the services you provide. We call these customers “target customers”. Just like with a bulls-eye, it is important to hit targets! When people find what they want, they will be more apt to call. Be sure to keep your website simple and effective, because confused customers usually don’t call. Convinced customers… DO!

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One common problem almost all business owners have is that they are very busy. Trying to figure out how to execute all the elements of Internet marketing while concentrating on day to day activities is almost impossible. Especially for small business owners who dont have a lot of employees or resources to dedicate to researching and developing an effective strategy.

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It is common for business owners to create a website, then be confused with poor results. This is because most business owners do not know the Internet strategies that work. Proper internet marketing involves different methods, features, and platforms that must all work together in order to put your company above your competitors.

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Effective web design depends on an effective web strategy!

A great looking website does not always mean great performance. Effective web design is much more than just the appearance of the website. Do your visitors call when they land on your site? Do they fill out your feedback forms? Do you you have an obvious phone number on your homepage? Are you analyzing your analytics? If you don’t track it, you cant manage it!

An effective web strategy that will encourage more customers to call you are testimonials, photo testimonials, Video testimonials, and a biography page about the business owner or business official. This will help build trust and credibility. The more expensive your service is, the more trust and credibility will play a factor.

A Web Design in Newark, New Jersey that is not visible is useless!

If your website looks great, but there is no traffic on your website how will you grow your company online? The answer is simple. You won’t. Your company cannot grow without gaining new customers. Content is King! Google loves original content and valuable content. Its a huge factor with Google rankings. This makes content a critical component when building a website. Develop a content creation and content marketing strategy and you are on your way to online success! Google is primarily concerned about the visitors experience, not your business growth. Business growth is YOUR concern, not Googles! This means the content of your website must be original, accurate, and helpful. Copying and pasting out of date material will not help you increase your Internet visibility. If your website was built without the knowledge of these important requirements, your website will not maximize its capabilities.
The information you give on your website must be important and helpful. This is why my business ranks higher than others who should know this. It is easy to be fooled by fancy designs, but a great designed website without any visibility, is useless. Google focuses on your content, links, and offsite strategies. That’s what makes your website become more visible.

Internet Marketing in Newark, NJ

Don’t go cheap! Shortcuts rarely work and when they do, they are not effective for long. It is worth the time and money to promote your company online the right way. Paying a lot of money for your Internet services is not necessarily a guarantee of great results, but going cheap will usually leave you unsatisfied. Your time is valuable and so is your money.

At GMS we have been building websites, performing SEO and creating great content for business owners for over 15 years! On our team, we have Internet experts, who are learning new trends and ways to keep our clients ranking highly on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Our team is small, yet effective. Google is constantly updates its algorithms, and will penalize you with lower Internet rankings if you cannot change with some of their demands. For instance, many websites are still non-secure, this was a penalty that Google enforced back in 2017. Is your site secure?

Internet services performed properly are what guarantees your websites success. GMS services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local SEO, Content Marketing, Reputation Management, Review Management, Internet Hosting, Social Media and Video Optimization, Google analytics, reporting, and more. Comprehensive, data tracking, adjustments, and continuous improvement.

Offsite review management also has an enormous effect on your onsite results. About 80% of customers will check for reviews before purchasing your product or service, and having poor off-site feedback will greatly impact your company income. By taking control of your your company’s offsite online marketing strategically, you will be able to effectively grow your company.

PPC Management Company and Google Adwords agency in Newark, NJ

The Internet marketing results do not just happen over night. It is a process. Google Adwords, PPC or “Pay Per Click” Generates visitors immediately. By using PPC your website will be placed at the top of Google for select phrases. If PPC is managed correctly, it is a very effective tool to increase leads. The problem most small businesses have is PPC mismanagement. This can cause you to burn through money very quickly.

With PPC your company will rank highly for high volume search terms. This is great because visibility is very important, but if you don’t turn those clicks into phone calls and feedback forms it will get expensive very quickly. Campaigns need to have customized dedicated landing pages for the clicks to convert properly. When we take over a project it is not uncommon for us to achieve a better result as well as cutting PPC spending by around 80%. We manage Google Adwords, PPC, and Facebook campaigns.

Let us give you a free Internet footprint assessment. We will answer all your questions about Internet marketing to help you get a better understanding of how everything works so you can grow your company! Please email or call us today. We’d love to get to know you and help you out!

Newark is the most populated City in New Jersey with about 285,000 people. Settled in 1666 by Puritans from New Haven Colony, Newark is also one of the oldest cities in the United States and is home to New Jersey’s largest airport.