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5 Top Reasons a Blog is Important for a Website

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blogging for business

1) Content is king.
Ok, this phrase has been way over used, but it still holds a lot of truth. The more relevant content your site has, the more Google likes it! Be sure not to copy and paste content from other places on the web. Your content must be original and relevant. In other words, don’t try to fool google and be clever, simply take 20-30 minutes per month and write something about a topic that is helpful to others. Always try and start your topic off with a question or a heading that stands out. Make the content easy to read, loaded with key words that you want to rank high for like SEO, Search Optimization, Web Design, and Internet Marketing. Make sure your blogs/posts are 500-700 words long as Google doesn’t like empty pages.
2) Frequent Updates are very helpful to rankings.
Google doesn’t like stagnation. Adding content is great, but blogs usually get updated at least once per month and the frequency along with the relevant content is a great combination. If you have 3 or more articles, don’t add them all at once. Spread them out over the next 2 or 3 weeks. Every time you update your site, it shows you are active and maintaining your site. This is a good thing. Blogs are an excellent way of making sure your site doesn’t grow old and stale. Frequent updates give visitors a reason to keep coming back and checking up on your site for more valuable information as well as let them know that you are on top of your industry. Keep your website fresh and update it regularly.
3) Prove you are an expert in your field or industry.
Visitors that come to your site for the first time want to know that you know what you are talking about and are an authority at what you do. Having a Learning Center / Blog is a very good tool to help remove anxiety from the visitor, gain trust and help with conversions. You want your visitors to feel confident when they finally talk to you that you are the right company to meet their needs. A blog is a great way to separate yourself from competitors and keep your visitors from browsing around. Your blog also says something about your customer service and how helpful you are. Providing information for free is a great way to get your relationship with a potential customer off to a great start.
4) Increased Traffic.
By answering questions that are relevant to your industry, you are letting google know your blog is a perfect solution to that question. In other words, when those questions are typed into a google search bar, your blog posts may come up very high in the list of search results. This is a great way to increase traffic, but even beyond that, targeted traffic because you are the exact solution the client was looking for. Once they have the solution, they will many times take note and trust the website that provided the answer they were researching online. This very often ends up in the business being rewarded with a new customer. In addition, over time each of your blog posts will obtain monthly traffic and all those blog posts add up. It is not uncommon for a website to get 1/4 or a 1/3 of their traffic right through their blog posts. Blogging is a great onsite SEO strategy.
5) Its FREE.
Anyone can blog and it doesn’t cost a penny. So, it is basically FREE marketing as long as you don’t count your time as a cost or have to pay someone else to write for you. Having said that, blogging is so important to a website that we encourage our clients to blog even if they have to pay someone else to do it. However, it is always best if it comes from you because nobody should know your business better than you.

A 6th reason to blog is that it is fun to do, although I know this is an opinion. Blogging is a great avenue for personal growth and it is very rewarding. Since the topics are always relevant, I am able to send my customers a direct link to the topic at hand so that they are used as training articles as well.

Good luck and happy Blogging.

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