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Internet Marketing Strategy and Search Engine Optimization

A website that is not seen is not going to produce. There are a variety of ways to promote a website, but ranking your site on search engines is basically free marketing and year after year if your site is built properly and you are deploying strategies that gain visibility for your site, the rewards can be substantial. Google is by far the leading search engine, with Yahoo and Bing coming in a distant 2nd and 3rd. If you can’t be found on Google..
You have a serious visibility issue.


There are many aspects of a successful Internet Marketing Strategy and Search Engine Optimization is most definitely a key ingredient to that strategy if success is your objective. The every changing landscape of rankings on the web make it difficult to constantly rank high and anyone who guarantees rankings is simply not being honest.


Many clients Pay Per Click and although this can be worth it depending on the conversion rates of your website, for most this is a very expensive way to go. Most people also don’t realize that visitors that click on an ad don’t convert nearly as good as those who click on an organic listing. All of this is explained during your initial consultation and we have saved some of our clients thousands of dollars per year avoiding the use of PPC. We have many clients who rank on the first page of google under multiple terms and phrases and never use PPC to achieve their results.


Being found online is one thing. Being found by those you WANT to find you is another. We call it “target shooting” and basically it is a strategy whereby your visitors are those you want visiting your website. The better the match a visitor is to your target, the more likely that visitor is to convert into a client. For instance, if you are a car wash facility it is better to have 100 visitors seeking auto detailing & cleaning than 1000 visitors seeking auto restoration.

GMS works along side our clients and learn about their business FROM THEM as nobody should know your business better than you. We then apply that insight with highly sought after key words that match your service or product. This gives a much higher probability that your traffic will convert into an actual lead.


Arrange for a consultation for a real-time demonstration of how this process works and countless examples of this working. We look forward to meeting you!

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