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Increasing Lead Generation On a Web Site

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NJ_lead-generation1Despite what others may tell you, there are really only two ways to increase lead generation on a website.

  1. Increase Traffic
    (But not just any traffic… more on this later)
  2. Increase Conversion Percentage

I know this sounds simple and, in truth, it isn’t complicated. However, just because cooking pancakes is simple, that doesn’t mean that everyone makes delicious flapjacks!

Increasing traffic to a website can be accomplished through a variety of methods and strategies. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, includes Onsite SEO, Offsite SEO, citation building and Local SEO. Blogging (learning centers) and yes, effective add placement all can bring more traffic.

I would like to emphasize something critical however to your traffic increasing endeavors. Traffic is great, but you really want “Targeted Traffic”. Targeted traffic will convert much more effectively than just “traffic” in general. For example: If you own a roofing business in Houston Texas, you are in the “home improvement” business, but coming high on search engines for “Home improvement Houston Texas” wont be as effective as “roofing services Houston Texas”. Many times businesses rank high for “general terms” and a very high percentage of visitors aren’t even interested in their products or services.

By attracting visitors that are interested in exactly what you are selling or the service you are providing will ensure higher conversion rates. This is especially true if those targets are easily identified on your home page and landing pages when those visitors come to your site via searches that include your geographical location, customer type (residential vs commercial) and/or product or service. Including these kinds of terms in your specific targets are all ways of focusing on finding the clients that are an exact match. Is your website drawing targeted traffic? If not, why not? Please comment below if you have questions about getting targeted traffic to your website.

Most websites have lots of room improvement and the first thing I try to convey to clients is that how a website “looks” has very little to do with how it performs. Website performance has everything to do with your visitor conversion rate, which is the number of visitors that actually take action on your site. Taking action includes making a call, filling out a contact form or joining/subscribing to a mailing list. Since not every site will receive the same amount of traffic, we analyze the percentage of visitors that take action and take proven steps to increase that number for our clients. Some of those steps include relevant and appropriate headlines, effective written content and imagery, calls to action that direct visitors and trust building elements like videos and testimonials. This is a drum we continue to beat until that drum is all beat up!

See… with some well informed direction, increasing lead generation from your website can be simple as making a flapjack!

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