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SEO – Understanding Googles preferences to accomplish objectives

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Most people know that SEO stands for search engine optimization and they think about keywords for their business industry and want to rank high for those key words. That is logical to the average business owner, and yes, rankings are important, but it is an outdated approach to SEO because it is entirely unfocused. SEO does stand for search engine optimization, that hasn’t changed but the end objective of ranking high without understanding what to rank high for or what constantly evolving algorithims are being used to give your website an edge will leave you very frustrated. You must deploy strategies that will work for the long haul and keep you on top for years to come.

Coming up high for certain keywords about your industry is obviously an important thing but coming up high for keywords that are actually being sought after that are relevant to your exact business and the specific services they deliver is much more important. Identifying these specifics before embarking on the SEO effort is just as important as the SEO effort itself. In other words, you want to rank high for things that people are actually looking for, that way, your site doesnt just gain rankings, it gains traffic from truly potential buyers of what it is you are selling or providing

Coming up high for just random keywords that might have to do with your business but aren’t actually being sought after isn’t going to provide traffic, therefore, it’s not going to provide customers. No customers = no revenue.


Targeted keywords are those that are very closely related to exactly what you do. If you are a transmission repair shop, coming up high for “Auto Repair” is ok, but ranking high for “transmission replacement” is much more relevant or “Targeted” to your business. Assuming your website is built properly, the higher the targeted the visitors on your site, the easier they will convert. “Auto Repair” includes everything from brakes to bumper replacement.

If your delivering a service nationwide such as a disaster recovery business, then attaching local or statewide tags to your keywords will not be important. But for the transmission repair shop mentioned before, the city, county, and state targets are very important to hit. When folks are searching online for a local small business, it is very common to put in the location along with the search. This is when Local SEO comes into play.

What does your business specialize in? What key words or phrases that have value target those services best? Does your site make it obvious to google with content, updates, key words, optimized video, and information that your business is a great result for those targets? Do you have back links from businesses that are complimentary or relevant to those targets? If you answered no, you have work to do. A page with a bullet point * Transmission Repair does not constitute valuable content by the way!

Search terms, targets, and key word research analysis must be done. Volumes must be researched. Content must be evaluated. At “Givemeservice” we do this analysis way ahead of time so that we don’t waste our time optimizing you or your business for words that you’re not going to come up that are not being sought after.


What you have to do is actually create content around that so content more than just link building that’s important but beyond that everybody knows about the link building and a lot of search engine optimization companies emphasize this. They are doing link building and relevant follow backlinks whether it is white hat or black hat techniques. Look beyond this. Shortcuts will usually get you in trouble eventually.

What you want to do is create a resource center for your business so that Google loves what it is that you do and Google loves your site and wants to rank it high because you are providing a value to visitors. They don’t care about your business versus someone else’s business they care about the visitors’ experience. Their algorithms are always being updated to make it hard to “game the system”… So dont!

At “” we follow Google protocols because the better the visitors experience the more likely they are to become a client. A ton of back links to a site with very little content is a huge red flag. Anchoring your site with excellent information is the best SEO there is. Whenever we put together a website or anything to do with search engine optimization we want to make all those pieces fit together and that creates a better user experience and that creates more customers for you.


Content that has been sitting on your site for years, untouched, may not be ranking as well as it did when you first posted it. Keep an eye on your page ranks. Times change, information changes as the calendar moves on. The article you wrote on the Iphone 5 is not in demand anymore. The Iphone X is out. Update the post or delete it and redirect it to more updated information. We call this pruning the content marketing tree. Google not only will notice when you add new pages, it will notice when you make frequent updates. Why? They want their customers (those using their search engine) to have the best experience possible. Its just a fact that if a site is being updated often, it is more likely to have updated (newer) information.


When adding content on your site, do your best to provide some “inside baseball”. Be unique, intriguing, and be original. As a business owner, you should know more about your business and industry than most. What are some of the special unique things you bring to the table that others don’t. Deliver some of those insights in a fun way or from an angle others haven’t thought of themselves. Helping others save time and money helps create loyalty.

Here is an example…

Most people HATE writing blogs or simply cant find the time. Right? OK.. Yes.. I am right. What if I told you its easy as speaking into a microphone? That’s right! Google has a transcription service right online! Guess what? It is FREE up to 60 minutes per month. Simply plug a microphone into your pc and hit start! When finished, copy and paste the text into your word doc. 60 minutes of talking is equal to about 20-30 pages of content! This is a great way to easily add a lot of content to your site for free quickly and easily.

So, talking for 5 minutes should give you about 2 pages of content. Writing 2 pages of solid content will take most people 30 minutes. I have now given you a tip to reduce that by 80%. If you spend 5-10 minutes per week on this, you will add 50-75 pages of new content on your site per year and spend less than 30 minutes per month doing it! Isn’t your business worth investing 30 minutes per month? Please tell me you just answered “YES”!

Lastly, even if you have to get your employees or outsource your content marketing efforts, as long as it is valuable, relevant and original, it is worth doing!

GMS is always here to help if you have any questions regarding SEO or any other Internet Marketing services. Regardless of whether you are a client or not, we are here to help. Contact Us today!

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